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In retrospect

Genetic Freeman
29 July
I'm a musician, I work at the Centre for Music and Sound Design Inc. and I'm a dish pig at Montanas, I like reading about the occult, I read and write... as hobbies, not just stating that I'm literate. I listen to a lot of Industrial and real hardcore (not that pussy pseudo-christian new hardcore) but I like all music in general. I play in a few bands including Eradication, The Hydra, and Natalie Garcia. Check us out on myspace;


activism, agorophobic nosebleed, alva bernadine, anal cunt, anthony lojac, aphex twin, apoptygma berzerk, assuck, aus rotten, bad brains, bass extremes, bass guitar, bdsm, bela fleck, big d, birdflesh, biting, black flag, capitalist casualties, catch 22, catman, caution inc., cephalic carnage, charles bronson, choking victim, chris murray, christopher walken, chuck palahniuk, circle jerks, combat wounded veteran, corner gas, coum transmissions, cults, cunnilingus, dane cook, darby crash, dave hillyard rocksteady 7, david bowie, de sade, dead kennedys, debaser, deftones, discordia, disinformation, disrupt, don ross, doug dillard, douglas coupland, eradication, esthero, exhumed, f-minus, f.a.t.o., fastcore, fenslerfilm, funkervogt, g.g. allin, genesis p-orridge, glassjaw, green division, grindcore, group x, gunned down, hakim bey, hooverphonic, jaco pastorius, jakalope, jazz, john titor, john waters, johnny depp, kid koala, kmfdm, leftover crack, makeshift heroes, marcus miller, mars volta, melt banana, metalwood, mohammed rafi, movies, mr. show, music, mustard plug, napalm death, nausea, new bomb turks, nile, no-cash, occult, oi polloi, operation ivy, patti smith, pig destroyer, planet smashers, planet uranus, primus, propaghandi, psionics, psychic tv, punish yourself, punk, raised fist, rammstein, richard cheese, sandra jeppesen, satyricon, scholastic deth, sex, ska, skindred, skinless, slim smith, spazz, spiral beach, sublime, suicide girls, the afterbeat, the birthday massacre, the crack rocksteady 7, the cramps, the delegates, the dungeon, the germs, the heatskores, the hydra, the locust, the raunchous brothers, the skatalites, the slackers, the toasters, the velvet elvis, throbbing gristle, tool, toots and the maytals, torsion, victor wooten, vnv nation, voodoo glow skulls, warren zevon, wesley willis